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  1. I need advice, my wife is steady pushing separation we are 7 months separated. Anytime I bring up love or her coming home or church she pushes me away, closes up & tells me to not contact her anymore. She says I know where she stands. She left because of me and my attitude, but I took resposibility for myself went to counseling, I just started marriage counseling by myself. I’m on day 83 of the “Love Dare” chapter 9 of ” The Resolution for Men” I pray everyday, found a wonderful church. I know I can’t control her just myself but after I got fired up about God and explained separation is not of God its the devil controlling. I got the text don’t contact me anymore. I’m so frustraited. I told her, I know I get it she is not coming back. I won’t contact her anymore and I’m moving on. Ahhhh I’m at another deadend. It seems we have flip flopped where she would push me in church and I would deny to now me pushing and she denies. But my question is, should I just move forward and focus on me and not contact her anymore and leave her be and move on? I’ve tried everything but this. I’ve actually gone a whole week one time not contacting her. The hard thing is we have a one year old daughter I never see. Its hard to just let go when I have a 7 year old son from a previous marriage that loves my wife dearly to missing his sister..I feel I have no other choice but to disconnect totally and let God work and direct me for me and not even worry about her. We just married last December. I need advice please.


  2. Please pray for our marriage. My husband has chosen to walk away from our marriage and not try or even attempt to fix issues we have. Pray he has a change of heart and open his mind and heart to rekindle and save our marriage.


  3. Are the daily prayers still being updated? My husband and I depend on this for our daily prayer together since it is so hard to find marriage prayers and he is uncomfortable coming up with our own. This is the most important aspect of our intimacy building after serious pain in our marriage.


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  4. Hi my name is Valerie Johnson I live in Philadelphia Pa I have been married for 5 years to my husband Hakim. We are having a hard time when it comes to marriage. The latest is I just found out that he has had a Facebook page since last December. What I am trying to understand is why did he feel the need to hide this from me? I am currently seeking a marriage counsler for us clearly we have issues. I don’t want to divorce my husband but I have thought about it. I don’t know how to feel about this I do know that I am hurting. I am not happy in my marriage, he don’t make me feel special. Its so much. Is it anything you can do to help us.



    1. Thank you. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I believe that God is in control. I know He is the Designer and Architect of Marriage and Family. He holds the Blue Print of our life in His Mighty Hand. I’m holding onto His Hand and I know that when I can’t hold on anymore, He will HOLD ME. Yes no matter the outcome, God have the last say and it’s His Will not mine. I relinquished my right to His.
      Again thank you and God blessed you.


    2. Hi Valerie
      I will add you to my prayer list. Step out in faith and draw close to God. Trust God to rekindle and reignite the love between you and your spouse. He is ABLE. Nothing is too hard or impossible for Him. Give your marriage to Him. Lay it on the altar. You’ve to relinquish your right and your will to Him. He is able to heal all your hurt and pain. He will wipe away your tears. Forgive your spouse at all times. Pray for him without ceasing. Love him unconditional – let it be in your words and your action. Remember Jesus walk to Calvery. He took it ALL upon Himself for us. It will become easy for you to love and forgive once you keep your eyes on the Finish work of the Cross. Jesus paid it All. He did.
      I’m praying for you. Stay strong in the Lord.
      Princess Davis


      1. This is what this ministry is all about. Many of us coming alongside each other and interceding for those who may not be strong enough at the time….. This is wonderful. May we all walk in God’s peace as you walk in expectation in Him.

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    1. Kim! Thank you so much for your inquiry! They are coming back with a vengeance beginning December 1st! Make sure you also subscribe to our vimeo page we’ll be having Q&A’s once a month too! Blessings to you and your family & Happy Thanksgiving!!


  5. Please pray for me. I’m separated from my one flesh covenant spouse for over five years. I’m faithfully standing for my marriage to be rebuild on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ. I’m raising all the kids on my own with the youngest that have Autism (12 years old) that’s non-verbal. It’s hard. Very hard! But God… He has been my husband and a Father to my children and I. He always provides and protect us. He is always there for us. Always make a way for us. He never leaves us. He is Awesome. Lately I’m just tired. Tired and feel lost but I keep pushing and praying and staying in the word of God. Please pray for us. Thank you and God blessed you.

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    1. We are praying for you and know that no matter what God has for your marriage He is a God who can resurrect dead things!!! Trust God, and Trust the prayers in this site, and Most importantly stand on God’s truths in the bible, His word never returns back void!!! Merry CHRISTmas Princess and remember we’re only an email away ~> info@icleaveministries.com ❤ !!!!


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