Married Love…….

“When I choose to be faithful to my husband/wife in marriage, God honors and repays my obedience with love, and blessings of legacy that stands the tests of time”


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23He “rewards every man (or woman) for righteousness and faithfulness”(I Samuel 26:23)


Father thank you for the life and love that you provide to me and my husband/wife in marriage each day. The love that you created for us is one in which we share a longing to be who you created us to be in marriage. Give us eyes to hear each other, ears to speak lovingly to one another and a heart to forgive one another quickly. Never allowing  anger or resentment to fester. Teach me how to walk boldly in the fact that in You,  I am the only one who knows my husband’s/wife’s deepest needs, his/her areas of sensitivity, and her/his hidden weaknesses. untitledAs you reveal these strong points to me during my “quiet time” alone with you, teach me how to pour into his/her life and legacy the truth and covenant of our married love. As you reveal those core areas of talent and godly potential that only my husband/wife possesses. Teach me how to come alongside You in patient, obedient love, trusting that any work that needs to begin in our marriage must begin with an intimate surrendered relationship between both you and I. Reveal to me your innermost secrets about my husband/wife so that I may pray alongside him/her, and learn to not use these intimate details to harm or hurt them.  As you reveal to me your wisdom for my married love, may I seek growth and value as he/she & I continue to cleave in accordance with your holy word. Strengthen our marriage with this prayer, and teach me how to trust you with the love that only you can maintain and create.

Teach me how to speak words of affirmation that will strengthen my husband/wife in the areas of marriage that only he/she can appreciate. Begin a new level of intimacy, love, longing, physical touch, and financial provision  between my husband/wife and I. May the intimate love that  first began on our wedding day, be cultivated from our foundational love we share in our relationship in Christ. I ask this prayer in Jesus name, Amen.


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