Thank you Lord for my marriage and for the love that I share TOGETHER  in my marriage as a faithful  husband/wife.

Teach me how to communicate with honesty and truthful compassion, always sprinkling my words with love, and intimacy that only my forever partner can comprehend.
Strengthen our  spiritual eyes to see any area that needs immediate attention, and give us strength to be great forgivers, where a new, intimate, compassionate, married love, can grow stronger, and stronger everyday.

Teach us how to protect our married love, and give us the freedom to seek you together for direction. Remove any strongholds of resistence to submission in either of our lives. Teach us how to abandon our own ways and surrender to Yours.

Teach me that submitting to my husband/wife is fully submitting to Christ as the head of our marriage.

Transform our marriage to be all that You desire it to be, and may we be fully surrendered to your plans, purposes, and provisions. It is through Jesus, I pray -Amen ❤


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