Love Letters

Love Letters, in my opinion are a lost art and many love notes are ancient history. I love flipping through old archived letters of great men and women, and landing on pages of copy that give life to a “snapshot” and period that most certainly was before my time.

This letter epitomizes not only a love shared between husband and wife during a very prevalent time of adversity, but for me, it shows perseverance.

Martin Luther King wrote from the Reedsville Jail in 1960 a letter to his pregnant wife Coretta, a letter sharing not only his love for her, but his heart for his patriarchal role, his then, tiny children, and his role as a husband to assure her in his writings that where he found himself this day, it was well with his soul.

He begins the letter with “Hello Darling “. Which is such an endearing salutation that I am certain, like the names we have for our own spouse is one in which, if we find ourselves across a crowded room only one or the other can ascertain its true meaning.

Married love is a great mystery and like you or I, Martin elevated this love in this letter assuring Coretta that wherever he found himself, his marriage vows, his love for her, and his responsibility as a father and provider were paramount.

For a Man shall leave his Father and mother and cleave unto His wife. –Genesis 2:24

“I know this whole experience is very difficult for you to adjust to, especially in your condition of pregnancy, but as I said to you yesterday this is the cross that we must bear for the freedom of our people” (Letter from MLK to Coretta King, 1960)

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A husband’s job is to protect after, assure safety, and reassure his wife that all will be okay. A wife is to encourage her husband, be his helpmate and ensure the children and home life is taken care of. The roles in Martin and Coretta’s life were clearly defined. This portion of the letter not only showed Coretta’s need for assurance that she would be okay. But it was packed purposefully with a husband’s love and commitment to the cause that he was created to live out. It takes a special husband and wife to respect and nurture the calling that the other has on their life. Do you do this for each other?

        Notes and Love Letters in my opinion trump an email, a tweet or a Facebook post any day. Words written on paper last. Grabbing a good ink pen or my personal favorite, a #2 sharpened pencil and massaging a crisp piece of lined paper with words and sentences, and phrases that change lives and hearts forever. These love letters are for me, a true testament and snapshot of what life and marriage were created to be. You see, Love Letters in my opinion, are the glue that hold marriages together. Of course King was jailed in a place for sacrifices, and belief systems of the time, but because of his sacrifice, you and I can heed from his example. Love Letters, last longer than popularity, they are the secret heart-felt mysteries, and unique love languages only piercing the ears of a husband and wife vowed to one another in lasting marriage.

    Love Letters in my opinion, are non-judgmental truths that allow for one husband and one wife to escape the bondage of proper talk, reflect on a secret language that only the two of them understand. They both seek a freedom of whispers and words of assurance that allow them to relax and walk boldly into the wordings and longings that can only be expressed and shared between a covenant husband or wife. You see, that’s marriage.

For me, this letter, speaks volumes about marriage, safety, security, perseverance, and faith that resonates from the creation of the great mystery of covenant created by God. If they were both alive today, Martin & Coretta would have been married 63 years in June of this year, and to my knowledge, had only been married for 14 years when Martin was assassinated in April of 1968.






Martin and Coretta were in separate places when this letter was written in October of 1960, but the love that they shared in marriage was in the space of covenant that reflected a commitment that only God could create. Together, through a covenant vow sealed by the great hand of God a love letter was written. Heartstrings were touched and legacy and generational protection began…….
Today, write a love letter to your sweetheart. Bring back the old adage of the power of Love letters, and the importance of legacy. I believe that this exercise will change you and your marriage for the better. Leave a comment and let us know how it goes.


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