We need to talk?????

couple-picnicCommunication in all shapes and forms can make or break a marriage. We can look at our husbands/wives and shift the entire moment or we can speak a word so stirring that can move a moment into a “tender” truth. Communication between a husband and wife is paramount in this we called a LOUD world filled with many ups & downs, disappointments and financial stress.  Marriage represents the love of Christ, and friend, understand, we both live in a “fallen” world….. How are you standing out??  If Jesus peeked into your marriage, are you truly communicating to your husband/wife His love with full commitment or are you talking out of your own flesh? (Tweet this)   The love shared between husband and wife is a love that can move a mountain, birth a child, heal the sick, or comfort the dead. This love can shift the atmosphere and make an entire room come under its command. Are you communicating the true power of Married love and communication??  Today, make a conscious effort to communicate in a way that only you and your husband/wife know is of God. The love that is shared between you two is so important to all of our marriages, after all, communication, and affection and intimacy are all linked together…….Show love today friend, and allow God to move in your life and your married love this day…….Happy Cleaving! xoxo – iCleave.™

LakeHappyPlaceiCleave.™ marriage prayer: Father the love that I express to my husband/wife is one in which I desire to give you the Glory in all that I do and say. This day, help me to communicate to him/her in a way that is pleasing unto you. Communication in a way in which my husband/wife will no longer see me, but they will see the covenant lover, and forever friend in me that you chose for them. Help me to guide my tongue and my voice in a manner in which I will not speak any negativity or any words that may hurt or harm a teachable situation. If truth and correction need to be implemented in our home today, I pray that we both will “take a breath”, before we speak, and consider your ways and not those of our own. Today is a special day for me as I move in all that you have chosen for me. I am praying even in this moment because you chose me to be a wife/husband that trusts in your power to move in and through our marriage. If there is anything in me that is of a sinful nature Father, I ask that you reveal it to me immediately, accepting my repentant heart, and remove it from my life this day. I trust and believe that in order for me to be a faithful servant to my marriage I must be free and clear of sin, prior to me asking anything in your name. Thank you for forgiving me this day, and for giving me a heart that only longs for your voice and an honesty that speaks truth to the one wife/husband that you have chosen for me. I love my husband/wife, and I am grateful for the married love that we share, I ask this prayer of communication and repentance in your Son Jesus name I pray, Amen!



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