Commited to the things in my Marriage……..

“Never get so busy making a living for the things of this world, that you forget to make a lifetime commitment for the things that illuminate your marriage” M.D.A

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 110813_1728_Day821days4.jpg36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?  ~Mark 8:36

 Marriage is not only a blessing, it is a Ministry it is a selfless service and purpose created for Man & Woman to enjoy forever as Husband and Wife. Father the world has so many moving parts that cause us to be distracted by what is truly important. Show us our priorities and teach us how to maintain a balanced life to allow your divine interruptions of life.Ido Let us not be so busy and so pre-occupied with what WE think are important decisions and fail to listen and maintain the balance that you have created in and through our Marriages. Bless every Husband and Wife that will allow this and every prayer over their marriage to transform their lives and allow the blessings of balance, favor and wisdom allow Marriage to grow and produce generational fruits of balance from this day forth. Continue to show us as Husbands and Wives how to “look” different and Trust your ways more, allow the balance of life, love, intimacy and ministry to be birth from our purpose as Husband and Wife and let that new blessing, begin in me…….~In Jesus name we pray, Amen~


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