Marriage Quote of the Day!

God, through your power that resides in me, iDeclare marriage between man & woman is, and always will be a good thing. #MarriagePrayer

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wpid-nervous-groom.jpgiDeclare my Marriage, with YOUR help is a good thing” iDeclare that my Marriage is a good thing. My Marriage is a unique love idea that was created and designed by you Father, and for that I thank you. As Husband & Wife we strive to live in a place where you will be pleased by ALL that you created us to be for one another, and who we are daily committed to each other in Marriage.  All glory for our Marriage vows, marriage commitment and married love are for your Glory. iDeclare today that I will make a conscious effort to listen clearly to your instructions as to how you want me to be a better Husband or Wife. iDeclare that I will not “sweat the small stuff”. iDeclare that my Marriage is a good thing and WE are communicating even better than we were yesterday. Father you said that whatever we ASK for, on earth is released in Heaven, and it is given if we only believe. wpid-IMG_20140505_222656.jpgiDeclare that I believe my Marriage is good, it is filled with the best love, intimacy and generational blessings like never before. iDeclare the love we share as Husband & Wife is growing and producing good godly fruit, for the love of our Kingdom. These and all blessings we ask….. ~In Jesus name we pray, Amen~


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