Married love grows through the seasons of Love……

The seasons of married love create a growth of intimacy, maturity and trust that only God can build.”

LikeUstwoseasonsofloveFather, thank you for this day and for each and every person in my family that is included in this day. I come to you grateful and humbly thanking you for the love that you created for us as Husband and Wife.  Thank you for allowing both of us to experience yet another season of change, honoring the efforts that you have implemented in our married love. These prayers come straight from my heart knowing that you stand with us for the encouragement and success of the married love that you created in both of us. There are so many things that I would like to change about my spouse, but realize that the change MUST begin with me 1st. Change me today God, renew a right spirit in me and teach me how to wait patiently on you, and rest in the finished work that you already have created for our Married Love. DIY-Date-night_promoI pray today for those that are experiencing the utmost perfection of Married love, and I intercede in prayer for those Husbands and Wives that have reached a crossroad of stagnation and are searching for your resurrection power to bring their love alive again. This prayer is a selfless plea for Marriages today.  I stand in prayer for not only my married love, but for the love of singles searching for love, married couples in love, and those who desire to be married again. My hope, their Hope,  all hope resides in you God. Take our love and transform it into what you desired it to be when we stood at the altar and vowed our forever to one another. Keep our Love strong, and when we both find ourselves in a season of weakness, activate a miracle in our lives that will renew and strengthen our married love, faith, and trust, like NEVER before. We thank you for a new season of married love, from this moment forward. We ask these and all blessings in Jesus name, Amen.



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