~ Spending Time ~

Father God in Heaven, thank you for the time that you give to us as Husband and Wife. Teach us how to pause and take a breath and let that breath be 1st and foremost with you and the next be with each other. As husband and wife we tend to get so busy sometimes and in the midst of what we think are the hopes and dreams of this world, yet we forget how important our world is being transformed right in our own marriages. There are blessings, and opportunities to share good times with each other, help us not to be complacent and miss these. Today, give us precious moments of intentional time together as husband and wife where we can fill our Marriage cup up and allow the overflow of communication, intimate love, and positive encouragement to overflow. 3untitledWe are no longer strangers to one another in our home, we’re one unit interacting in constant motion along the same graceful heartbeat with you. There is no longer a void where communication lives. There is no longer a stagnation where consistency resides. Teach us how to place one another above anything and everything else, including our own children,  so that the Love, Faith, and Intimate assignments that you created and ordained under our covenant marriage vows will grow and mature into our new forever. We commit our vows again to you and our marriage to you this day Father. Beginning with right now, as we plan our next date night, lunch date, or morning breakfast in bed, we won’t look for who is taking the lead or initiates the 1st step, we will look for all things in and through the Philippians 4:13 power, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  Bless our marriage with your sovereign power that circles us, and  will transform and shape our Marriage into all that you created it to be. In Jesus Name ~Amen



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