Thankful for you……………..

thanksG1I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. ~ Psalm 9:1

Dear Father, Thank you for this day. There are so many amazing opportunities as a faithful husband/wife to show the love & light that is attached to marriage vows. There are many around us that look at us as Husband and Wife and wonder how in the world we make it work. I give you the glory for teaching me how to trust you in all that I do and say. My prayer is that anyone that I meet and see today will see the Light that you have placed in both my husband/wife and I, where only you can get the Glory.thanksG2 iDeclare that today, generations will benefit from our selfless Love and because of this prayer, the love that I have for my husband/wife will be changed forever. I draw our strength from you in hopes that you will grow me into the husband/wife that you called me to be. May this love we share as man and woman in front of our children, our community, and our legacy be pleasing unto you.  thanksG3Father, I pray that the FAITH, LOVE, HOPE and FORGIVENESS that we have grown to enjoy as husband and wife, be the foundational truth that moves our Marriage into the “life-long” legacy that generations of children, grand-children and great-grandchildren can be birthed from. Change our legacy and may this change and transformational truth, begin with me. Bless those men and women that surround our married love, into a fellowship and accountability that will motivate us to grow closer as husband and wife each and every day. Father, as we prepare for the holiday season, and we along with our families, go off into this world, may our light so shine that many will know that our family is built upon a foundation where God’s presence is alive, and the Holy Spirit reigns true.  When we as Husband and Wife go to our respective jobs and day-to-day activities let the people that we come in contact with know that our Love for you shines bright in our Character, our work-ethic and our Truth. thanksGTransform my husband/wife and I into the believer that you created us to be and allow us not to LOOK like the WORLD but be the CHURCH everywhere we go.  Neither of us are called to brag, boast or PREACH and JUDGE, but to know that when we walk into a room, the temperature will change because the presence of God is with us. We need your Glory. Show us Your Glory. images2VRUUGKRIn everything and every place we go this day, so that your creation, your favor over our Marriage, Our Children, and our Purpose will grow into the creation that you designed it to be. For this prayer, I am thankful, and for my marriage I give Thanksgiving. I ask  that your will be done through this blessings, in Jesus name, ~Amen


One thought on “Thankful for you……………..”

  1. Can You add my name and ex husband for marriage RESTORATION. ….Thankyou. ..William and Charlene. ….in JESUS NAME AmenAmen.


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