wpid-IMG_20140523_214740.jpg7I will praise thee with uprightness of heart, when I shall have learned thy righteous judgments. ~Psalm 119:7

 Father,  thank you for the Faith, Hope, Love, and Patience that you have given to me this day. There are many opportunities for my Marriage to reflect the love that is shared between Husband and Wife and I will use this day to show the love that you are creating in me daily! Thank you! I am grateful for my husband/wife and the love that we share. Today, I especially feel led to speak over my Marriage. I repent for the times that I have been jealous or envious of another husband & wife, and made a silent attempt to compare my life to theirs.Perfect! Marriage is a Ministry to be shared under a covenant commitment and I accepted that the say we were married. Restore my Faith in my Marriage this day. Where the “butterflies” may have settled and complacent stagnation has settled in, awaken our married love to transform our Marriage into what you created it to be. As a faithful husband/wife I have a responsibility to make my Marriage work and to show my husband/wife that Marriage matters. I surrender all to you this day. Make me sensitive to the purpose and destiny that is in direct alignment with the love that I have for my Best Friend, my Husband/Wife, my “heartbeat”, and teach us how to transform our Marriage into the Ministry that you created it to be. I humbly submit this prayer, in Jesus Name! ~Amen




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