MrandMrs“God has deemed a UNIQUE position in Marriage for Husbands & Wives, Marriages survive when you BOTH honor and stay in your assigned POSITION!” —– iCleave Ministries 

Position in Marriage is extremely important to how long your Marriage will survive. Help me to reach that forever in my Marriage by recognizing my unique position as a faithful husband/wife. I understand Father that today I was called to be a better man/woman to the marriage that you chose for me. Thank you for choosing my wife/husband to share my life, my heart and my forever with. I ask for your strength to show me any area where I have fallen behind in the unique position assigned for me. 15il_340x270_368434530_7al4Forgive me for taking my position as a faithful wife/husband for granted and teach me how to walk upright and trust your will for my Marriage. I recognize now that, “A wedding lasts but for a moment, but a MARRIAGE lasts a Lifetime.” I choose life. I choose to be married to my husband/wife for Life. I choose the Life that you created for me, and I choose your will. Thank you for my position as a faithful husband/wife and the ability to receive instructions from you daily. Teach me how to stay in my lane daily and to perfect the unique position that you have blessed me with. I surrender all, and give my Marriage to you in prayer trusting that you will mold it and shape it into what you created it to be, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.



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