Say this………… #MarriedLife

Say this…..
Oh Father I am praying to be selfless where my husband/wife is concerned as I know that you are beginning a new work through me in our marriage
As I walk “in sickness & in health” towards the love for my husband/wife, grab a hold of my eyes and my heart and remove any fleshly thoughts that cloud me from seeing the man/woman that you have uniquely designed for me…..
Teach me how to push past the natural truth I see in my husband/wife in this moment & grab hold of your spiritual truths, that are attached to our married love.
Hide me behind the cross while you work in both my life and his/hers, and the next time we kiss, may we both know and trust the love uniquely designed for our marriage.
I Love my Husband/Wife, and iCleave to him/her, ’til death do us Part!
I ask this prayer in Jesus name…Amen.


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