wpid-CAM00134.jpg“For we walk by faith, not by sight” ~ (2 Corinthians 5:7)

Father, as we rest in this day that you have brought us to and almost through.  I come to you today Father thanking you for my wonderful husband/wife and thanking you for our wonderful family. Today, we live, move, eat and breathe in a world filled with so many distractions and oppositions that want to eliminate YOUR presence and your TRUTH, from our lives and our marriage. I especially want to ask you in this moment to mold me into the husband/wife that you have called me to be. Father, please transform our minds,  hearts and purpose this day to be a direct reflection of You, no matter the cost. Thank you for allowing my husband/wife & I  to WALK by Faith and not by sight. There are so many opportunities to be tempted or distracted by the world’s way, and I thank you for showing us Grace and keeping us faithful to your word. Take our married love and transform it into what you created us as husband and wife to be. Keep us Honest. Keep us Holy. Keep us True. wpid-csedona.jpgKeep us Committed to one another in Marriage, in our Faith, and in our overall commitment to each other. This fallen world seeks to fill our minds with, worldly news distractions, worldly laws “mocking” Marriage, and lies and  myths that attempt to degrade and dishonor the godly family unit. Keep me humble to recognize and honor the foundation of Faith that you created for me as seen in the beginning of the bible. The picture and depiction that is spoken in Genesis 2:24 is the foundational truth that my marriage is built upon.  Forgive me if I have focused on the negative of the world and not given you the Glory where Glory is due. As I walk in this life as the faithful wife/husband that you have called me to be, may I  recognize that I am being tested, tried, and pruned daily in my Faith, my Commitment to my Marriage, and my dedication to our covenant vows.  Take my heart and my mind and transform them NOW into the will and the way you would have me to go. Touch my husband/wife right NOW, and show him/her, the directions and instructions, where only your voice can be heard. Forgive me for those times when I have attempted to step in and make him/her who I want him/her to be. I recognize now that I  was operating in a selfish state. Any change that will happen in MY life and the life of my husband/wife, MUST 1st begin with my humble selfless prayers to you during humble intercession on behalf of him/her. God, only You know exactly what you have placed my husband/wife on this earth to do, and if I have in any shape form or fashion manipulated or built a wedge to where He can not hear you freely, I repent of that now, and seek your forgiveness as I turn from my ways, and follow your instruction. I am excited to walk with him/her through this life, in total surrender and commitment to our heavenly marriage vows.   He /She and I are held to a higher standard as husband and wife, not only to our Marriage vows, but I am accountable, because of this prayer, to begin the work that needs to happen in our marriage in me. Your power will motivate and transform us into that which we were created to be. 111913_1905_Day1821days3.jpg I choose to pray this prayer, for my Marriage, my husband/wife, and for my life. I truly believe that a new day is here. I trust that even during the times where I may not be at my best, I know that your presence and your power is doing a mighty work in me. We are in the midst of a shift in the sanctity of not only the atmosphere for my own marriage, but I boldly speak for the marriages around this world. Thank you God for moving in the lives of those husbands and wives who may be reading this prayer along with me, and have chosen to be committed to their covenant vows. I declare this day that I have been changed. I declare this day that my husband/wife is redeemed and transformed by the power and provision as found in the name of Jesus. I declare this day that we are revived, renewed, and recommitted to God’s idea for Marriage, and our intimate relationship with each other, is in direct correlation with my intimate relationship with Christ. I ask this selfless prayer in Jesus Name, ~Amen


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