iDoThere are amazing opportunities to show you Love & Light and today was one of them. There are so many people who look at us as Husband and Wife and wonder how in the world we make it work. Our prayer is that they see the Light that you have placed in the both of us, where only you can get the Glory. Generations will benefit from our selfless Love and we draw our strength from you in hopes that you will grow our Love in front of us both, our children, our community and the world. Impress the FAITH, LOVE, HOPE and FORGIVENESS that we have grown to enjoy as husband and wife into a fellowship and accountability that you will manifest into the lives of people that we surround ourselves around. When our children, go off to school their administrators and their church leaders will know that they come from a home where God’s presence is alive and well. Perfect!When we as Husband and Wife go to our respective jobs and day-to-day activities let the people that we come in contact with know that our Love for you shines bright in our Character, our work-ethic and our Truth. Transform us in to the believer that you created us to be and allow us not to LOOK like the WORLD but be the CHURCH everywhere we go. Not to brag, and boast or PREACH and JUDGE, but to know that when we walk into a room, the temperature will change because the presence of the God is with us. We need your Glory. Show us Your Glory. In everything and every place we go this day, so that your creation, your favor over our Marriage. Our Children, and our Purpose will grow into the creation that you designed it to be. We ask these and all blessings, in the matchless name of Jesus, ~Amen


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