Marrying my Best Friend“Faithful”

“For we walk by faith, not by sight” ~ (2 Corinthians 5:7)

I come to you today Father thanking you for my wonderful husband/wife and thanking you for our wonderful family. Today we live, move, eat and breathe in a world filled with so many distractions and opposition that wants to eliminate you from our lives. Pic1Thank you for allowing us to WALK by Faith and not by sight. Take our married love and transform it into what you created us as husband and wife to be. These past days have been filled with worldly news distractions, and outside forces that attempt to steal the light away from those dreams, purpose and kingdom godly assignments that will elevate Marriage, Family, Faith and Friendship. Forgive me if I have focused on the negative of the world and not given you the Glory where Glory is due. Take my heart and my mind and transform them into your will and your way. Touch my husband/wife right now and show them the direction that you would have them to go for their purpose in our Marriage this day. We are held to a higher standard as believers and trust that your power will motivate and transform us into that which we were created to be. We pray for our Nation. We pray for our World. We pray for our Marriage, and we pray for our Family this day. Transform our lives and our hearts this moment, we ask these and all blessings………~In Jesus Name, we pray Amen~




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