8husband-wife“So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law. Galatians 5:1 NLT

Father as I take this moment to honor you and present my Marriage as your living sacrifice, I thank you for allowing us as Husband and Wife to once again see another day. It is our job to cover one another in prayer, and I must admit that sometimes I become selfish and take for granted the Grace that you have shown me, and for that I repent. 111213_1919_Day1221day6.jpgHelp me to daily choose your ways over my own, and to recognize that our Marriage has POWER. Power to move Mountains. Power to break chains, and Power to break generational curses of divorce, infidelity, selfishness, sickness, bareness, and disobedient children. We are aware that those negative things build a wedge between our vows and these distractions block the flow towards where your spirit transforms our lives into the image that is created through you. Forgive me. I asked you so long ago to bless me with a Marriage and a life-long husband/wife that would make me better. 111313_2042_Day1321day5.jpgYou did. Now I sit here today blatantly ungrateful or wanting them to change into what I think they should be. I declare that our Marriage will shift into a realm of commitment favor, increase, and love and legacy where the birth of new blessings, new favor and new legacies of Love can be planted for a future harvest that our children will overflow with in their marriages to come. We declare our love as Husband and Wife has shifted this ENTIRE nation, and we’ll rest in your obedient word, trusting the Holy Spirit to mold both of us in to the best Husband and Wife only your hands can mold us to be. In Jesus Name, ~Amen




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