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untitled15For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: 16As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God. ~ (1Peter 2:15-16)

Thank you Father for such a beautiful opportunity to give you thanks. This is the day that you made, and I will spend this moment rejoicing and being glad in it. Family is so important to the survival and success of Marriage that I wanted to thank you for the love that I share with my husband this day. Thank you for each and every person that is connected to my family unit. TSilence6hank you for the love that I have for my husband/wife, and our marital longevity, that represents the new chapter and legacy, that will be carved out in a generation that will shine a light of positivity that allows the kingdom to be beneficial in all that the grace of God and Love intends to do through our covenant vows. May the hearts and minds of those who see us as husband and wife, and individually as man & woman, be glorified only through you. Teach us how to seek after your instruction as the generations of favor, financial wisdom, destiny and purpose of our children’s lives, are birthed out of our marriage. Thank you that our Love for you as a son and daughter of the “one true king”, consistently grows each day teaching us how to love and be in love not only with you Father, but with each other forever as husband and wife. Today marks another opportunity that I can pray for the things that our parents were able to teach us as Husband & Wife, and the grace of knowledge for the things that we have yet to learn. 111213_1919_Day1221day2.jpgI do not take my married Love lightly and truly believe that with you in my Marriage All things are possible. We are well aware that every day will not be roses, and some days there may be thorns, but like your son Jesus, we must understand that we MUST endure in order to see the sweet blessings on the “other side” of any adversity. Teach me how to keep my eye on you, and not to look on the left or the right, every experience is just an opportunity to build an even stronger married love. On the other side of any trial is an even greater ability to trust and understand your will and your purpose for my life, and the life of my husband/wife. On the other side of this, I intercede for us as husband and wife, that we vow forever and always to be truthful and transparent with one another. Thank you for the sanctity of holy covenant Marriage Father. 112013_1811_Day2021days4.jpgThank you for the ability to Trust one another with our selfless soul and move in and through marriage with a heart of selfless and forgiving power that only you can provide through me. Continue to bless our love, and show favor to our covenant vows, trusting that no man or woman can penetrate our union. Build a hedge of protection around us that will build in us a peace that surpasses all understanding, and that we will be dedicated to each other daily, from this day forth, In Jesus Name ~Amen


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