Vows4’til Death do us Part……… marriage is Forever

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. ~Romans 12:1 NIV

Marriage is not only an opportunity to Trust you God, but it is also an opportunity for me to reflect the love that you have shown me to my Husband/Wife. My marriage is not perfect, but I reflect today on the words, “Til DEATH do us part”, this was the vow that I spoke to my Husband/Wife, with a faithful heart and I stand in this prayer now more than ever. I live in a world where the world is not built on covenant promises and commitment. 110713_1618_Day721days2.jpgPeople are going around making promises with no accountability or justification for their actions or lack thereof. Forgive me for the times where I have not kept my word with you. I realize that my commitment to your voice of instruction, is a direct reflection of my ability to be obedient to the needs and areas of intimacy within my Marriage. The path that you are showing me begins with my ability to surrender. My love, My heart, My ability to be faithful to my Husband/Wife, begins with my prayer today. Help me to acknowledge your ways and your thoughts, so that I can stop driving my Husband/Wife away from you. Forgive me for hindering my husband/wife from recognizing your light. I am praying this prayer today because I know and believe in my heart that not only are you in love with my life, you love the life my husband/wife possesses too. Forgive me for speaking negatively, hindering godly instruction, and not being the godly positive example of you in my marriage. As a faithful wife/husband, to the vows that I spoke on my wedding day, I stand in total surrender placing my Marriage on your altar for you to transform it into what you designed it to be. “Til Death”, is the oath that I walk in today. I surrender all. Perfect!Help me to realize that no longer am I just accountable for myself, as a co-laborer in my Marriage, I am charged to be the godly example of you in my Marriage. Teach me how to be the light of positivity for my husband/wife, trusting that I can no longer make him/her be who I think he/she should be. I realize now more than ever that you want me to see him/her through your eyes. I love my Husband/Wife., and thank you for my Marriage. Surround our Love with a strength that surpasses both of our understanding, I acknowledge you today, and I trust that you God with direct my path in our Marriage. I humbly ask this prayer, In Jesus Name, Amen


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