iCleave.™-Marriage Prayer

Each day  is a new opportunity to express towards him/her my love………..

HubWifeI Love God.

I Love my Husband/Wife.

I Love my Family.

I choose today to express this love in more ways than one. My husband/wife was chosen uniquely for me and I am to make sure that he/she is wrapped in not only my love, but to pray for him/her daily to be wrapped in the love of Jesus. iDoFather, show me how I may love my husband/wife, the way that you designed my love for him/her to be. I ask for forgiveness and repent immediately for any moments that I have not shown my husband/wife an expression and extension of love that you instructed me to do, and I chose my own way. God is Love, and the love that you created for he/she & I is a love like none other. My husband/wife needs my expressions of love daily, whether it is fixing her/him a plate of food, or rubbing/massaging his/her shoulders or feet while we are relaxing. Oh God, push me outside of my comfort zone, so that I may express my love for my husband/wife and my marriage, in brand new ways and forms, so that any place in his/her heart that may be withdrawing from our marriage, may be filled with a new love and desire that will make him/her appreciate the power of God and Love, and Marriage like never before. I  ask this humble prayer in Jesus name, Amen!



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