iCleave.™-Marriage Prayer

I desire to be the best husband/wife  with your help…………..


Help me.

Help him/her.

Help us Father to be the best husband & wife that you have called each of us to be. You are our present help in time of trouble and we are solely dependent upon you and your power to transform us and our selfish ways into a married love that you can be proud of. wpid-Screenshot_2014-05-16-21-08-34-1.pngHelp my husband/wife and I to work in through our marriage from a place of compassion, forgiveness, trust and honesty, where only your ideas and ways can be incorporated into every aspect of our married love. In our desire to be a better husband and wife, help us to remember our covenant vows and to walk from a place of restoration, daily trusting you to fix anything that needs fixing and to transform anything that needs to be transformed.7happy black couple  Marriage is a sacred covenant, not to be entered into lightly, and if either he/she or I have taken our vows or our commitment to one another lightly, may you deal with us according to your holy word. Make me better in your image, and help me to always fear the Lord, and take your instructions and obey them immediately. I ask this humble prayer in Jesus name, Amen!



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