iCleave.™-Marriage Prayer

Teach me how to Love my Husband/Wife with my heart.  Song of Solomon 3:1  

OG2Love. The love that you created. The love that transcends the tests of time. A love called Marriage. Teach me how to Love my husband/wife, the way you created love to be. My husband/wife is the one my heart loves (Song of Solomon 3:1) and he/she is the one that is truly my best friend. 111313_2042_Day1321day7.jpgTeach me how to love him/her the way that you created our love to be. Help me to see her/him with my heart and be compassionate for the things that matter to her/him. Help me to learn how to be the husband/wife that was created for this position in marriage the moment I recited the words, “I Do”. Teach me how to love my husband/wife in a way that will carve a place so deep in his/her heart that nothing and no one can every penetrate his/her love for our marriage.110813_1728_Day821days2.jpg I desire to be a wife/husband who understands the needs of my man/woman before any words are spoken, and Father give me the ability to speak from a place of love and compassion so intertwined with your biblical words that my husband/wife sees in me not only the lobe that you have for the church, but knows in his/her heart that this is in direct relation to the love he/she has for me. I ask this humble prayer in Jesus name, Amen!


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