iCleave.™-Marriage Prayer

iDoFather, reveal to me your way in how I may be a selfless husband/wife in my marriage……

This day I come before you Father, with a prayer of thanks and humility. My husband/wife desires me to know and serve him/her according to your design and not that of my own. I admit that there are times when I am so caught up in my own needs and desires that I do not seek your help as to what my husband/wife requires. Marriage is a gift that you designed uniquely for me, and I admit that there are plenty of times when I seek my own way and not the way of humility.112013_1811_Day2021days1.jpg I ask that you forgive me for anytime where I have taken my husband/wife for granted and sought to fulfill my own needs prior to extending the olive branch to satisfy his/her needs. Over the course of our marriage we have found that our communication skills, our intimacy,  and our ability to be “gut-level” honest with each other has suffered because neither he/she nor I have fully depended on you for guidance and wisdom as to how we must navigate daily through our married love. 111113_1807_Day1121day2.jpgTeach me how to give myself away to my husband/wife, where an ability to truly CLEAVE to him/her can grow and a level of intimate selfless conversation can begin.  I desire to not only serve my marriage in the same way that Christ adores His church, but I desire to love my husband/wife in every way that you have created for our married love. Show me how to be selfless and understand the importance of serving my husband/wife in a way that is pleasing to you, teach me how to love him/her with my heart selflessly serving my covenant vows daily. I ask this humble prayer in Jesus name, Amen!


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