iCleave.™-Marriage Prayer

imagesNIOCN5E1Restore Me Lord,so that I can be the Husband/Wife that you created me to be….

 Oh Father thank you for the Love that you have for me, and the grace that you extend to me daily. My marriage has not had the best of chances as I tend to yield to my own ways and not to those of your own. I especially want to thank you for this moment of prayer to seek your heart and not your hands, so that I can truly know what trusting you with my marriage means to the kingdom. My husband/wife & I are eagerly seeking the love that only you can uniquely create for our life and for that I truly stand in agreement with the scripture as stated in Genesis 2:24, “A man shall leave his Father and Mother and cleave unto his wife, and the two shall become one.”wpid-nervous-groom.jpg  Teach my husband/.wife and I to cleave to one another. An action that will require nothing and no one to penetrate or speak into but you. Teach us both how to hear and obey your voice immediately, so that our marital longevity can be activated in such a way that each day our love grows stronger and stronger and more intimate by minute. Reveal yourself in our marriage now, so that I can truly listen intently with my heart to the instructions for my position as his/her wife/husband, and not be distracted by those in this world. wpid-IMG_20140505_222656.jpgIf there is any un-forgiveness, ungodliness in my heart, reveal it to me now, so that I may deal with it, and seek forgiveness and move forward with a clean heart to love and listen intently to you. My husband/wife comes first in our marriage. Help me to remember this, even when I deal with our children, trusting that the needs that he/she has are paramount in marriage and I must satisfy her/his needs before those of anyone else’s. Take this prayer and hide it in my heart so that when I need it again, it will be accessible for the Holy Spirit to reveal. I ask this humble prayer in Jesus name, Amen!




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