“Marriage is still Popular”

husband-wife-talkingHappy July iCleavers!

New name. New responsibility. New accountability. It all begins today!

Looking  at the clock I am reminded that we have been married fourteen years and four and a-half months. Yep! That friend is a long time. Not to take anything away from our circles of friends who have been married upwards of twenty and thirty years, but just this morning I realized that  even after being married this long, there is still so much more that we can learn from one another.

Believe it or not we met long before we were in love. We shared some of the same circle of friends, not knowing that our lives would be changed forever some several years into the future. Even then, we realized that each step in our lives was a learning process and an opportunity to grow and reach a high level of understanding.  Our “flavor” (history, or upbringing)  stems from  two families who did not give a god-fearing example of what marriage looked like. We both have to go back two or three generations down our matriarchal or patriarchal family tree in order to see the roots and fruits of those prayer warriors that truly believed in what marriage meant to a Christian family. Now, don’t get me wrong, our parents had very good intentions when they were married, but, divorce was the end result for both sets of parents. We realize now more than ever that no matter how many years you are married, you can never have it totally figured out.  Now, fast-forward to our  iCleave Exercises, and the Daily Marriage Prayers. 

No matter how many years you have been married, God has a unique lesson to build in you both. Those lessons begin and end with prayer! We both entered into our forties this year, and our children are heading into the “dreaded” teen years and we are slowly realizing that  we can see the end of the parenting tunnel, and will soon be depending on quality time together to build-up and grow our married love to exceptional levels. So we take our time now to build upon marriage in ways that can grow our marriage vows according to God’s word. imagesNIOCN5E1

iCleave, is a labor of love, birthed from invisible “walls” that we  both would run into as newlyweds and now as somewhat “seasoned” husband and wife. We were both just seeking godly men and women to pour into us and share their marriage experiences, but,  we were hoping to find some good godly accountability partners. Men & Women who will not only hold us accountable to our wedding vows, but who would make us see ourselves in our godly position in marriage, and make us work selflessly towards marital longevity. This wasn’t a hard request, so we thought! …and then god stepped in. We saw a need, and God filled it.

Prayer. It all begins with a heartfelt selfless prayer. Anything you desire or hope for begins and ends with prayer.  No matter how many years we were married, we knew like our own, there were many marriages hurting, and potentially looking for a road-map to longevity  Marriage means we have to be vulnerable. Are you vulnerable with you marriage? Do you push past the what you see on the surface and choose to dive deeper with each other???

5imagesCA4RRQAIMarried Love is vulnerable. It requires you both to share, and feel, touch and love, laugh and cry,  and grow and change, and change, and change and change for God, with God, and towards God’s call that is on your life.

Yep! In marriage, we change into all God created us to be. So, now it all begins, we are here for change Not to change you into what WE think you should become  but we are your godly accountability partners, coming alongside your marriage, to begin this work to change your marriage into all God created it to be. You ready??? Good!

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Matthew 21:22  We have been praying for marriages for the past three & a-half years selflessly, fervently seeking God’s face for you both as husband and wife. But now it’s time to do the work. So no exercises tonight friends, we’ll begin with prayer. If you are committed to your marriage and your believe that Marriage is still popular, give us a shout out using hashtag #MarriageIsPopular.  So we can see and hear from you both. We want to meet and greet each of you on Social Media and also have some “Pop-Up” i Cleave events in your city! We have some great sponsors and Christian married couples ready to share their stories and discuss all things iCleave. But we can’t do it without your help! wpid-heart_health.jpeg

So comment below with your City and State and let us hear where you are following us from. We’re planning events for the remainder of the year and want to come to your church Marriage Ministry outings or meet you in your city for a great night out on the town It’s time to take this Marriage is Popular to our nation and we need you!


8 thoughts on ““Marriage is still Popular””

  1. Woooow marriage is still popular for sure.I love u guys nd thank you for e prayers.m from Gaborone Botswana in Southern Africa


  2. Frisco, Texas….holding on to God’s promise to restore my marriage and never ceasing to pray for my husband and marriage.


  3. I love being married to Jaime Thompson, best decision I have made. Marriage is still popular. My parents were married and in love for 55 years. I need our children to be able to say the same thing. I love married love.We are from Canton Ohio


    1. Welcome and thank you for staying connected with us! What a joy it is to meet both you and Jaime. We are certainly praying for you today and want you to know how glad we are that you are trusting God for your married love. Stay with it and Share us with your Married friends! We have some great stuff lined up on the other side of the school year. Blessings to you and your family!! ~iCleave.


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