untitled~June 11th, 2014~

114You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word. ~ (Psalm 119: 114 NIV)

 Father your word is my sword and shield and protects me all the days of my life. Marriage is a platform that allows one Man and one Woman to build a loving covenant of selfless humility each and every day. Thank you for choosing me to be in covenant with my husband/wife. Pic1Teach me how to read and build a covenant with my husband/wife that will surround our marriage vows and commitment from this day forward. I declare that I am a covenant wife/husband striving daily to walk in the faithful responsibilities of cleaving to my forever spouse. Hide your word in my heart so that as I grow into the wife/husband that you designed me to be, that your word will come forth in every situation allowing me to be patience, kind, loving, forgiving and submissive to your instructions as you see fit.wpid-Screenshot_2014-05-27-22-48-13-1.png Build my Marriage in a way that the love that we share and the work that we have placed inside of our Marriage gives you all the Glory. Marriage was and still is your idea, and I am committed to my covenant vows. I pray a hedge of protection around my wife/husband and ask that you keep my heart and ears open to hear your voice. God, I am so grateful for the Love that we share as Father & son/daughter and I am humbled that you chose me to love this man/woman who I affectionately call my wife/husband. Use me on this day, to give you all the Glory, whether here at work, or in our home, or as I go about any day-to-day activities. Teach me how to seek your face God and not your hand. I want to know you and what you have planned for my marriage, and not what you can do for me. You are God alone, and I ask this prayer humbly in Jesus name, ~Amen




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