110213_1738_21daysofM2.jpg~June 5th, 2014~

Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others ~ (Philippians 2:4)

Father the Marriage that you created for me requires a working strength that I cannot master on my own. I desire your help and your instructions to guide me through the days as a faithful husband/wife. Marriage is a constant selfless act of submission one to another, and I strive daily to submit to the leading of my husband/wife, and I understand that this is done not in my own strength. Your word states in Philippians that in addition to making sure that I am obedient to your will and your way that, I am also required to look after those interests of my wife/husband. I admit that there are times in my marriage where I seek to desire my own ways and tend to disagree, and lose control over areas that require me to bend, and be a bit more submissive and willing to give in. This is an area where I realize that if I get under control I will remove “root” where disagreements and arguments take growth. 9husband-wife-on-beachTeach me Father How to recognize that my way is not the only way, and that I must listen with my ears, and not with my mouth to the things that my wife/husband has to add to the success and growth of our Marriage. Control my ability to be right. Manage my stubbornness and teach me how to not be a debater or attempt to have the “last word” in areas that require me to say nothing. Our priorities as Husband and Wife are the same, we stand for morals, and our obedience to God are all top priority in our Marriage. Help me to recognize that if there is a concern that my wife/husband feels is important to them that I will learn how to “gracefully” bend and not break. The key to our marital success is to learn how to bend and not break. We are all in the midst of transitions and changes as we grow together in Marriage.3untitled If I can pray this prayer with a humble heart and help move our growth along as husband and wife, then I surrender and submit this prayer humbly in Jesus name. I trust you to teach me how to “Let the interests of my husband/wife be paramount in my life”, so we can grow together for months and years to come humbly as a faithful husband and wife. I ask this prayer in Jesus Name. ~Amen


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