4couple_couch1~May 24th, 2014~


Marriage ain’t easy. We just wanted to let you know that everyday won’t be roses & sunshine. There WILL be days that you look at one another “cross-eyed” wondering, what in THE world have I gotten myself into. Well, “today was this day for us”. So many are living a “false” “pretend” lifestyle in Marriage and are not HONEST about what they feel for one another. We thought that we would share our hearts with you tonight. You see, we are a husband & wife team just like you. We are praying for breakthroughs in our finances, trusting God’s will for our life purpose, running behind kids and speaking favor over our health & families. This note is to let you know, even on our bad days, we have to “KEEP” pushing forward. Many on social media, in churches in and around us, or maybe in our own families, pretend that Marriage is easy. Look, WE can attest to you that it is not. 11husband-and-wife-289x300Know this, your work and your obedience is NOT in vain, let us rephrase that……OUR work and OUR obedience is NOT in vain.  So many blogs, and social media sites, make marriage seem all warm & fuzzy 24/7, but tonight, we had to get REAL! Keep pushing and fighting the good Marriage fight. Knowing that tonight, there is a couple you have yet to meet, that is ALWAYS praying for your Marriage daily. We stand with you trusting this bible verse tonight, 11For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ~Jeremiah 29:11. Lean on this verse tonight with us friend, God knows who WE married, and He has plans for our Married love. Write this verse on your heart tonight, because we too have written it there. God has a plan for your marriage friend, stay the course and trust in Him every step of the way…….

Thank you for allowing us to speak right from our hearts, directly to you tonight, Keep praying for us as we’ll continue to do the same for both of you!



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