wpid-csedona.jpg~May 20th, 2014~

“God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” — ~ (Romans 5:8) ~


Agape (pronounced uh-GOP-ay) love is what the Bible refers to in the Greek as unconditional love. I must admit to you today Father that my marriage did not begin on this type of unconditional, “whatever happens”, or beauty fading love. Agape love is the epitome of the love that you have for me, and I should in-turn have for my husband/wife. Forgive me if I have lost my luster and glow of Married love towards my husband/wife. I will look pass the physical and sexual attributes, or what my husband/wife can provide for me and look to loving them in spite of these things period. I desire a Marriage that is built on the foundation of agape love, a love that loves no matter the circumstances or conditions. I believe that my decision to love you God was my choice. a-walk-in-the-park16That same choice becomes an attribute in my decision to love my wife/husband in a way that is unconditional. Teach me how to walk in unconditional love within my Marriage. Help me to truly walk in our “for better or worse” this is a positive commitment to the vows that I spoke so long ago in front of you and my husband/wife, when NO ONE else was in our conversation. My friendship towards my husband/wife, and my sexual love towards my wife/husband is growing by leaps and bounds because I have chosen today to walk with you and love her/him unconditionally. I humbly ask you to take this prayer and transform my heart into a committed vessel in my marriage to make a covenant difference in our marital longevity as husband and wife. I ask this and all prayers in Jesus Name, ~Amen



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