15il_340x270_368434530_7al4~May 16th, 2014~

“Marriage means that you choose to fall in love over and over again with the same person” ~Unknown

Today marks a special moment Father in my life where once again, I choose to fall in love again with the husband/wife that you have chosen for me. Everyday he/she & I are taking the necessary steps to move in a direction of forgiveness, longevity and patience, where our love and intimacy can grow into the lasting, loving Marriage on the hand of God can create. We are in the midst of a day and time where Marriage between man and women, is being displayed as “child’s play” and many men and women are choosing rather to be successful on their jobs, based upon worldly standards, instead of making their relationship with you, and their relationship with their husband/wife a top priority.Happiness my Best Friend Teach me how to pursue a relationship with my heavenly father first so that I can be a faithful husband/wife to my marriage. It is my prayer that the love that we share as man and women be a love that grows beyond a job status, a healthy lifestyle or worldly accolades. Teach me how to trust you for all that I need and to consistently pray for my husband/wife to do that same. Our covenant is a direct reflection of our ability to surrender our own will and to submit to your will and your ways! May the love that we share as husband and wife, grow stronger as we remove any idols that are distracting us from a relationship with You, our Heavenly Father and each other as husband and wife. Many lives are changed because of our ability to seek you first, and your righteous ways, teach me how to love and fall in love again with my marriage, where he/she and I can grow stronger and more open to a life, in what the pursuit of Christ together, as husband and wife has to offer. I ask this humble prayer in your son Jesus name, I pray, Amen!


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