Coupl4e~May 13th, 2014~

17 As iron sharpens iron, so a person sharpens his friend. ~Proverbs 27:17

Father thank you for the life that you have given us as husband and wife and for the many blessings that you continue to bestow upon us with our friendships with our Pastors, Leaders, and other married circles that are growing us into all that you created our covenant vows to be. Teach me to honor and submit to your will, so that I am more susceptible to submit, honor and obey my husband’s/wife’s will in our marriage daily. I realize now more than ever that the many circles that you have made me apart are all opportunities for me to grow in a wealth of knowledge and marital lessons that I may hide in my heart and pray and apply to my life as you see fit. Keep my mind clear and my faith quick so that I am able to trust not only your instructions, but learn and glean from others around our marriage the wealth of knowledge that can only be obtained by relationships. DIY-Date-night_promoTeach me how to be a women/man of after God’s own heart so that I am able to walk tall into all that my marriage covenant represents. If there is any sin in my life, that I may knowingly remove, and or trust you to unknowingly reveal, I ask you to create in me a clean heart. Renew a right spirit in me, so that I am able to be the best wife/husband for my marriage and the best son/daughter to the kingdom. Your power exudes in my husband/wife, even if in this moment I am not able to see it. You know his/her heart and you joined us together for your purpose. Reveal in him/her, while you teach me how to be a godly example of what marriage, in Christ alone looks like. Thank you for hiding me always behind the cross so that my husband/wife NEVER sees me, but that they ALWAYS see you.  May my walk as a faithful husband/wife, be a representation of Genesis 2:24, and a daily resemblance of Your presence. I humbly ask this prayer in Jesus name, Amen!




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