~May 9th, 2014~

untitledFather God in Heaven, we pray for every spouse that has fallen prey or is currently addicted or being distracted by worldly/ earthly idolatry, images or ideas. Father we find today that we are in the midst of forms of idolatry that keep Husbands & Wives from being fully present in Marriage. Worldly devices that are controlling our husbands and wives, and make it much easier for our Marriages to be susceptible to forms of pornography, lust, covetousness, idols, lusty romance novels, TV shows and videos, and any other forms of assignments from the enemy that distract our Married love, and build walls and pierce our spouses souls, that keep our Husbands and Wives from being fully present in Marriage. I look to you Father to keep my eyes on you and what you are doing in and through every Husband and Wife. Help US to trust you to make the change in our Marriages, not me, but you. wpid-1398883335273.jpgTeach us to trust that the only change agent in MY marriage is you. Today, I am anxious and want to force my opinions and move in my speech, my actions and my attitude, but desire your strength to help me maintain peace, patience and hope in our married love. Rebuke any form of insecurity that may be resting in me. Keep me from thinking I am not enough for my spouse, or that I must compare your gift of life to me, to the sin of distraction that my spouse is coveting. Marriages need your strength this moment Father. Sin is running rampant in novels, smartphone apps, videos, text messages images and computer, and smartphone access, that are distracting many a Husband or Wife, and preventing sincere fellowship and relationship YOU created for Marriage as man & woman, only shared between husband and wife. Tear down the wall of secrecy where lies, and deceit and trickery manipulate husbands or wives into thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Help us to be honest with each other and TRUST that our Love, our Married love is enough. Every need, that we require whether, Spiritually, Emotionally, Intimately, Sexually, and socially can all be found under our covenant vow as Husband and Wife. pic9Transform our Married love, rebuke any distractions that prevent us from experiencing total fulfillment in Marriage and let us begin today, being naked and totally transparent with one another, growing into the Husband & Wife YOU created us to be. Let your LIGHT shine, shine BRIGHT this day, where total surrender and TRUTH can begin. In Jesus Name ~Amen


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