untitled~May 2nd, 2014~

“A New Day”

Thank you Father for a New Day! A New Day to get it right. A brand new crisp day to seek a relationship with you. A new day to Love my spouse the way you created our Love to be. Yesterday is no longer, and Tomorrow will take care of itself, so I am grateful that you have allowed me this moment as a husband/wife to speak to you. Forgive me for any indiscretions that I may have committed knowingly or unknowingly and help me to clear my mind so that I may hear the instructions that you have for me this day. The possibilities with you are endless and today, and I thank you for inserting my Marriage into your plans for this day. I love Marriage. I especially love MY marriage. Teach me how to be the Wife/Husband that you destined for me. pic11Teach me how to be more patient with my wife/husband. Teach me how to communicate better towards my husband/wife. Show me any area in my life where there is bondage and fear and help me to be free to allow you to do a new work in me. Thank you for this day Father, thank you for this new sunshine, this new breath and the ability to take this moment to thank you for the blessings in and through my Marriage, my life and my purpose. I love you God, and I trust you with all that I am and all that you will create me to be. In this Marriage. In this Life, and in your Kingdom purpose. I ask these and all blessings………

~In Jesus name we pray, Amen


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