pic12~May 1st, 2014~

The thief come but to steal, kill, and destroy, I have come that they may have life, and have it full. ~ John 10:10

I come to your throne Father with a grateful heart surrendered to your will and your way. My marriage was a covenant gift from you and I am trying daily to please you by loving my spouse with the love you designed for the both of us to share. God, I am so thankful for the love that you created for us and seek your will to convict the both of us of any errors that are in our lives. Lord I speak, Mathew 10:26 over our life today. Pic14Let there be, “nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known”. Cleanse us Lord, from any secret sins, lies, gluttony, internet/cell phone addictions, gossip or distraction that prevent me from being the Husband or Wife you called me to be. I declare that we will be quick to confess when we are wrong, help us BOTH to recognize when we are wrong and lean on your Voice to correct the errors, and repent immediately! Pic1Let us not run from correction and welcome the transformation that only you can do in our marriage. Pride is rebuked. Arrogance is rebuked, and un-confessed sin is brought to light TODAY in Jesus name. I declare we are FREE now. To allow your river of Love to flow through our Marriage, with the Power to transform us both into the husband and wife that will honor marriage “til DEATH do us part” In Jesus Name ~Amen


2 thoughts on “iCleave.™”

  1. I needed that prayer. My husband and I been having some storms in our marriage and we trying to ride them out. Please keep us lifted in prayer.


    1. Danielle! So grateful to God that you are trusting His power! Remember that your Faith, in the unseen gives your situation less Power!! Keep your head up, and participate fully in.all that is going on in your Marriage. Ask God daily what He wants you to learn from. Praying all the while! Remember we”re only an email away…..


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