pic3~April 26th, 2014~

“Husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies.” — (Ephesian 5:28)  

 Father thank you for teaching me how to be wife/husband that recognizes that everything I do and say is a reflection of not only you Father and your image, but also a direct reflection of my husband/wife. I take this moment to seek your instruction to keep me understanding and knowledgeable of what my husband /wife needs me to do to serve him/her in our Marriage the way you intended. Help me to discern any area where I am lacking and need correction, in order to be the best wife/husband that I can be, Help me choose my words wisely and move in and though my marriage with the spirit of humility so that I can be assured that any correction or change will be done in love. My husband/wife is mine, all mines, and I must treat him/her as if I am treating my own needs. pic4No marriage can survive when individual needs are being sought after on their own. Forgive me if I have been selfish, independent, or seeking my own personal gain and not on one accord with my wife/husband. We are one, and whatever I do unto you God, will be a reflection of your image. I ask that you continue to reveal to my husband/wife, any area in our Marriage where we can continue to give you the Glory in every portion of our marriage. Thank you for teaching us that “Love loves” that love does not choose its own way and that we must recognize that married love is a picture of love between two imperfect people. Thank you for godly Marriage, I ask these and all blessings in Jesus Name, ~Amen


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