111313_2042_Day1321day7.jpg~April 24th, 2014~

24Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. ~ Genesis 2:24

God, my prayer today is that you will transform my life into ALL you created it to be. I declare today that whatever state we are in that my husband/wife and I will be at Peace! My Marriage towards the love of my life is more than I could have ever imagined, especially today. Today, is another gift from you and I give all of the Glory to you. Today I am grateful for the opportunities, test and trials in my marriage that you use to stretch me, teach me, and guide my patience into all understanding. Father, I humbly ask that you show me the areas of my life in which I need to learn even more about myself and my uniqueness. I desire to be the husband/wife that you called me to be. Give me the courage to stay committed to my Marriage, now more than ever. Wake me up in the areas where I have become complacent and slow me down in the areas in which I have taken over, and not allowing my husband’s/wife’s gifts to be brought to the forefront. Teach me how to pray, and listen. In my listening, allow me to trust your instructions. This type of obedience can only come from my ability to truly surrender my life and my heart unto you. Help me to remember that Marriage is a platform where you will get the Glory. Forgive me for those times when I have allowed my own selfishness to invade our marriage platform where negativity and disobedience have taken precedence, instead of positivity, endurance and patient interaction between husband and wife. I repent today for any disobedience. Happiness my Best FriendToday, in addition to the covenant vows that my husband/wife and I spoke to one another, I vow that even when my husband/wife behaves badly, I vow to think HIGHER of him/her. I vow to Trust, not only the LOVE that you have for him/her but the LOVE that you have “knitted” in my heart for his/her life. Thank you for the Love that you are replenishing and refreshing in my marriage even in this moment of prayer. I repent and ask your forgiveness for the many times where I have sought after familiar childhood, parental motives that manifested themselves through my own parents. Where marital love failed in their lives, make it an overall success in mine. Vday2Where love succeeded in their lives, let it continue one-hundred fold in my own life. Teach me how to hear your voice of instructions daily as you show me how to be a better husband/wife. I surrender all. Today I look forward to serving my husband/wife in covenant marriage and trust your will to transform our Marriage into a ministry that will save other husbands & wives, and revive and grow our married love like never before. Show me any area where I need to be a selfless servant and show me how not to focus on my own feelings, instead considering those needs of my husband/wife instead. I vow to begin this selfless act of obedience, right now with a kiss of affection to my husband/wife, as soon as I see him/her. No questions asked, no scripts present, just a kiss between a husband and wife. Make this a kiss of new beginnings, where going backwards is not allowed, where our interaction as husband and wife, can begin again…..Thank you God for the Power of Marriage prayers and for the power that you will use to transform my marriage this day, In Jesus Name, ~Amen


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