~April 22nd, 2014~

*We posted this to our Instagram page  the other day, because some days when all else fails, you have to look up and TRUST that everything will be okay* ~


Father thank you for the Faith to trust you in all that I am doing and saying in this world today. I love my Husband/Wife. And I appreciate the time that you are giving us as faithful servants to our Marriage vows. Today I thank you for leading me on the path to righteousness and for teaching me how to be a selfless servant where my marriage and my unique purpose in life is called towards. thinking2Through your power in my life I believe that you will  make my life worthy and a light shining brightly for Marriages all over the world.  Everything is going to be okay, as I learn and trust to surrender to your will and your ways, I thank you for teaching me how to TRY again daily and how to be the change I want to see in my marriage. You see you blessed my I DO, with your power and your blessings, so I trust you to help me to become the change I desire to be in my marriage. May the words of my mouth in this day, be not only acceptable in your sight, but be words of uplifting encouragement towards my husband/wife, where the line of communication towards one another can begin. I trust you knowing that everything will be okay. I speak this prayer of Thanksgiving in Jesus Name, ~Amen~





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