Ido~April 9th, 2014~

9With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. ~ (James 3: 9-10) NIV

 Father I come before you now asking for forgiveness for the way that I have been using my speech, my tongue and my mouth. I was created in your Image and my mouth was created to GIVE you Praise and speak Positivity and things of Love and Honesty. This verse in James clearly states that I must refrain from “bad” & “negative” talk of my husband/wife. I admit that I have then taken this same mouth and made a humble attempt to WORSHIP, and give you PRAISE. I realize now that this is not TRUE worship and I just cursed another human being who like me, was made in God’s image. Forgive me for this type of behavior as this is a detriment to my marital longevity, and to my Worship relationship with you. I must have pure and holy intentions for my life and my tongue. Thank you Holy Spirit for “hovering” over me as I say this prayer, as I am not worthy of even speaking God’s praises with the way that I have cursed my brothers & sisters with my speech and tongue. Father I seek your instructions this day on how I should turn from my negative, gossiping, and lack-luster speech towards my husband/wife, and my marriage. My tongue was created to give you Glory and not to speak or harbor any negativity towards anyone or anything. I choose to Worship you Father. I choose to use my tongue as a vessel where I can give you Praise, Honor, Glory and Peace. My Marital intentions are convicted this moment as I choose the words that I speak daily to my wife/husband to be those of Praise and Thanksgiving for a Marriage that is growing by Leaps and Bounds because I choose words of affirmation and words that build-up and not tear down. Father I realize that as I begin to walk in an upright way with my tongue and my speech that this behavior will transfer into my Parenting to our children, my Relationships with my own Family members, and even total “angel strangers” that you place in my path will recognize that my speech and my tongue are all for the your Glory. 110213_1738_21daysofM2.jpgThank you for this scripture in James, and for allowing me to write it on my heart and to walk with it in my mind daily as an understanding that I must meditate on this word day and night. In order for it to change my life and my marriage for the “greater good”, I surrender any broken area of this type of behavior to you to lovingly mend back together. I ask this humble prayer of change and correction, in Jesus Name ~ Amen


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