~April 4th, 2014~

Marrying my Best FriendFather I come to you tonight saying a “special” prayer for those Men & Women who are seeking to be married again. You see Team Marriage is not just a ministry we are a movement. There are men & women watching our Marriage examples, how we love and forgive our spouses unconditionally and they are eager to be married, be married again and love again. These men and women are closing their eyes tonight trusting you to send them the husband or wife that you destined for their lives, and I want to intercede with them for a move of God. Continue to work on their submission levels, their forgiveness levels and their ability to love you more and more each day. Tonight I intercede for that man or woman who has lost hope in Marriage and the union that you created for man and woman to be shared together forever. Because of past experiences a lot of single men * women are seeking their own ways and you are the only one who can lead them to the path that you created uniquely for their lives, Father take this prayer and send your Angels to surround those men & women who are willing to one day become an intricate part of the Team Marriage movement as a faithful Husband or Wife.Vows Take their dreams of Marriage and the Faith that they have in you and weave them together into a miracle that only you can manifest. Take my heart and my marriage and show me how I can continue to love unconditionally to the husband/wife that you chose for me, and increase the power of Married Love through this and every prayer I pray from this day forth in Jesus Name, Amen


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