~March 28th, 2014~

Marrying my Best Friend“I didn’t plan on this”

There are many of  us in our marriages that didn’t plan on being at this point in our lives. Whether we are not the size that we expected, or living at the place where we could imagine, or even, growing old together at this time in our lives. You see, our plans for our lives, our children, our finances and our love together as husband and wife, all come from the Lord. It is time for us to truly walk in constant dedication and transparency with our faith and our marriage vows……… OG

In a world of constant busyness, and distractions and worldly desires of covetedness, fleeting feelings and competitive financial dealings, we have to take a breath and run ALL of our plans by the one who created us, God. This prayer today is a prayer of thankful recognition to the only one who knows you best, God has a plan for your life friend. Nothing else can compare to the life that He has created for us all, if you are going through a “rough” patch at this moment, instead of complaining about how bad your marriage is, instead, Ask God with a faithful, clean heart, what lessons is He trying to teach you about yourself. Many of our lives are in a holding pattern because we have failed to accept the ways and thoughts that God has already ordained in our marriages. Today, not only should you seek God about every aspect of your life, but thank him for ALL of the plans that he has orchestrated for you and your husband/wife. Do not go another day without consulting the most high God about the plans that He has for you…..remember, prayer and surrender does not change God’s mind…it changes yours……..Happy Cleaving!

~”For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. ~ (Isaiah 55:8 NIV)

Vows2My plans for my Marriage cannot compare to the hopes, dreams and intentions you have for my love for my husband/wife. This life that you have chosen for me as a FAITHFUL husband/wife is a part of your orchestrated plan. Teach me how to wait on your instructions for what my Marriage needs to grow and mature into the example of the Love you intended it to be. I wait here listening for your voice to transform my actions as a FAITHFUL husband/wife according to your plans. OG2Delete any plans or expectations that I have for my husband/wife, and allow me to see, look, love, and serve them through your eyes. Teach me how to be a FAITHFUL selfless, servant according to the plans that you have set in motion for our family legacy as husband & wife, and transform me right now to do better and serve my marriage as you would direct me to be. I did not plan to surrender my Marriage to you today, and I did not plan on even reciting this prayer, but because I believe in my heart that you are my Lord and Savior I am committed to YOU changing me first in this Marriage, to make our married love blossom into all that you plan it to be……I Ask these and all blessings, In Jesus Name, Amen



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