kids-on-playground~March 22nd, 2014~

Our Children, Our Students, Our Future

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline

and instruction of the Lord. ~Ephesian 6:4

Father God in heaven we come before you this day interceding for our Future generation of husbands and wives. Many of our youth and our students live in a world that is “fallen”, but oh how we rejoice that those that are called to your kingdom for the work of your hands are hidden and are protected by your Holy Hands. Today I especially lay on the altar those young girls and boys who are still in the darkness who have been forced by this world into seeking the approval from their peers instead of the approval of your biblical instructions. PrayerThere are still sons and daughters who the darkness and evil have taken over their minds and their hearts planting lies and deceit in order to get our youth and our children to work for the kingdom of darkness. Many parents are struggling to raise children in such a loud and chaotic world and today, especially this moment we rebuke any assignment of the devil that may be attempting to attach itself to my sons and my daughters and in the name of Jesus, this assignment is dispelled and we call any demon to flee, in the name of Jesus. Couple giving two young children piggyback rides smilingFather we know that you have given us as parents the authority of the devil, and all of his mignons and we accept the challenge as parents, and especially husbands and wives, to pray and intercede on behalf of our future husbands and wives who will one day sit where I am sitting and be praying for their own sons and daughters. Keep my heart sensitive to the needs of our children, and show me any area in my life where I have allowed a moderate sin, because I do understand that whatever I allow in moderation, my sons and my daughters will do in excess. FamilyRestore a word and place of communication in our home, and in our schools, where my child can feel like he and she are not pressured by any power except of the Holy Spirit to move and impress your faith and your word in their lives. Raise my children to be the next spokesman/spokeswoman for Christ. Take their heart and knit it uniquely to your word and where there is a worldly contradiction, raise up a standard so that they will know the difference between a lie of the enemy and the truth of God’s word. Family ReadingOur children, Our students, are our future and it is with a sincere heart that I pray this prayer, trusting your power, and your direction from the Holy Spirit to lead me in a path of righteousness, not only as a parent, but as a believer and supporter of our future husbands and wives, trusting that the battle is not mine, it most certainly is the Lords….I ask this prayer in Jesus name…….Amen!



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