Silence6~March 15th, 2014~

Thank you Father for the respect that you have shown us as Husband and wife and that you are daily teaching us how to respect and love one another. Father,  teach us how to speak positive words into our marriage. Words that will transform our thinking and build a bond of everlasting Faith that no man or woman can penetrate. Teach us how NOT to complain or speak negative about ANYTHING in our Marriage. Father if any NEGATIVE thoughts rise in our minds, show us how to combat them with the words, “Marriage is Selfless”, and We Trust you. Keep our hearts and minds clear from foul language and gossip, and ill-talk that will destroy the respect and selfless intentions that our marital love thrives on. Fill us as Husband and Wife with your love and teach us how to be filled with your love so that any over-flowing affection from you will transform our love and not tear it down. I declare that as husband and wife, that we will speak words of encouragement. I declare that as husband and wife our Marriage is a place where we can show respect to one another. Our Marriage is a place where we can share our feelings openly to and with one another. Vows4 We will be in TOTAL agreement on all that is concerning our Marriage, and trust the TRUTH to reign in and through our Marriage. If there is ANY form of disrespect on either of our parts, convict us and may we REPENT immediately with an OPEN apology as to not allow any negative feelings to fester or grow roots. “Those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man” Matthew 15:18. We speak a Matthew 15:18 blessing over our respect for one another as husband and wife. Thank you for all that you are doing in our Marriage, and it begins, with our total surrender to you. We declare that we are transformed in the area of Marriage respect in Jesus name. ~ Amen



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