110513_2204_Day521days3.jpg~March 9th, 2014~

Many of you are reading and reaping the rewards of your consistent prayers for not only your life as a faithful  husband/wife, but you have been keeping our site, our prayers, our links and articles, all to yourself! Today, after you say your prayers, share this page, and today’s prayer  with another married couple.  It is amazing how we share fashion, clothes, cars and hairstyles, but when it comes to good news of Marriage, leadership in marriage or uplifting each other, we drop the ball……We’re charging you both today to SHARE US with your world! Share this prayer with those who are married, single or divorced,. Marriage s still popular and its popularity depends solely on you! Happy  Sunday to you and Happy Cleaving!


“Sunday Love & Surrender”

~Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. I John 2:15 ~

Love conquers all things and motivates us in a way that will transform our lives now more than ever. In marriage the Love of worldly things can prevent us from being the BEST husband or wife you intended us to be. Forgive us father for any sin, any un-forgiveness, or love loss that we are harboring in and through our spirits this day. Love begins with forgiveness. We must forgive those who wronged us, we must forgive those who talk about us or have betrayed us. Teach us how to be good forgivers in our marriage daily. As a husband and wife, the love that we share was created by you and for your Glory. Teach us how to Love like you and see one another through your eyes. Help us to seek your face and not your hand God. We trust you to transform our hearts as husband and wife, and trust that you will help us maintain a love that is committed to our covenant vows, now and forever, thank you for the Love shared between a Husband & Wife, that only you Father can create. We believe in Marriage. We believe in you God. Today, we surrender our marriage to you. Have your way in and through our lives as man & woman. We ask these and all blessings……. ~In Jesus name we pray, Amen



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