Vows~March 6th, 2014~

29Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. ~ (Ephesians 4:29)

Father, Thank you for this day and the ability to come to you freely in faith seeking your will for my Marriage. Communication is an intricate part of my Marriage and I strive daily to understand my husband/wife more and more each day. Today, I especially need your strength to show me how to communicate in my husband’s/wife’s language of love. Teach me how to be patient with her/him understanding that how my husband/wife sees things may not be the way that I see them. Help me to learn to accept my husband’s/wife’s unique efforts of communication not changing them to benefit or fit my style of thinking. Teach me how to accept the fact that we BOTH are “wired” in your will differently.  I understand as the days and years go by, that a Marriage built with unique acceptable communication as husband & wife is a powerful tool. Help me to not be caught-up in my perspective of what I think to be honest communication and seek daily to learn to be quiet, listening to hear and speak through my husband/wife in their love language of communication. Marriages fail and falter because of a lack of communication. I do not wish to see my Marriage head in a direction where communication as husband and wife has grown stagnant or ceased to exist, because the other person has placed their expectations of how communication should be handled. I surrender my mouth/voice to you. I surrender my ear/heart to you. I ask you to mold me into the humble communicator that my husband/wife needs. Open my husband’s/wife’s heart and ears, so they can hear your unique instructions on how they can reciprocate communication back to me in return. Marriages lasts when communication is priority #1. I pray that you would take my marriage and mold it into a selfless platform where we both as husband & wife can serve one another in love & communication, til DEATH do us part. I ask these and all blessings…..In Jesus Name ~Amen



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