thinking5~March 1st, 2014~

Lord, you know all and make all things new. I come to you now as this day is coming to a close, asking your favor and deliverance from any temptations that may hinder us tonight as husband and wife. Any distractions that may block or distract our minds to love and adore one another. Teach us as husband and wife, to love on each other tonight, better than we did yesterday.  We know that temptation is not of God, as you do not tempt us. Clear my heart and clear the heart of my husband/wife, renew our minds to know that there is always a way out. Help me to rise above and be delivered from any hindrances that may arise in our marriage that is not of you. Give both of us courage to reject temptation of any kind. Teach us as husband and wife to require truth and accountability in our Marriage. Lead us not into temptation, deliver us from evils, idolatry, adultery, pornography, drugs, alcohol, and perversion in the name of Jesus. Cleanse our Marriage this moment, allowing us to turn over all power to you. Fill this evening with your Holy Spirit renewing our love, cleansing our hearts, growing our intimacy, and transforming our minds to be a better husband/wife from this moment forth. In Jesus Name, ~Amen



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