ThankYouPurpleThank you Father for the many blessings that you have granted in my life and the life of my covenant husband/wife. Father, please cleanse my heart and mind of any sins that may hinder this prayer from reaching you, and create a new clean place in my heart where I can confess any indiscretions to you. I ask that you continue to shine your light of truth in the heart and mind of both my husband/wife and I. Already, this day has been filled with a constant love and grace that you extend to me, even when I am undeserving. Teach me how to trust you more, speaking to any area in my life where I need to surrender the reigns of direction over to you. If there is any outside force that is preventing me from being a faithful, covenant partner to my husband/wife, I ask you to reveal it to me, and show me the way of escape where I can return to the call of being a faithful wife/husband to my spouse, a positive influence in our home, and a viable servant in my church. Father, show me how to meet the needs of my Husband/Wife, and place in me the courage to walk in the instructions that you have called me to do in meeting his/her needs.  Forgive me for those times that I did not make my wife/husband a priority, and show me where I can begin again today, making him/her feel the love of marriage that covers my soul. Teach me how to love my husband/wife in the way that you created marriage to be, understanding that after my relationship with God, my wife/husband immediately follows. No matter the day or the hour, teach us as husband and wife how to balance our family, our finances, our church activities and those friends you have called us to do life with, according to your purpose. Because of this prayer, I now know that you have orchestrated our Love to challenge the world to a biblical standard based upon Genesis 2:24, and with the Power that you possess my Marriage will be revived this day, I pray, In Jesus Name, Amen February 28th, 2014



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