submission-umbrellas“I Love You”

5 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith…” ~ (Galatians 5:22)

The Love shared between Husband and Wife is a special kind of Love. It is a love that is not to be taken for granted and can sometimes hurt by words spoken out of aggravation, disgust, fatigue or just plain ignorance. Marriage is a gift from God, a gift of Love extended to me, and I realize that this love is to be used “til DEATH do us part”.  The Love that we share is modeled after the love that Jesus has for us, that Love is a committed, sacrificial, and uncompromising, yielded, love. 111113_1807_Day1121day1.jpgTeach me how to be a wife/husband that walks humbly in my Marriage with a love that represents the heart and mind of Christ.  This love, regardless of what I do, right or wrong is committed always. That same love is modeled after Christ and I desire to love my husband/wife, the way that Christ extends and shows His love for the church.  I love my husband/wife. I love our Marriage, and I pray this prayer now, seeking your power to soften my heart and the heart of my husband/wife, so that we both can be in direct alignment with the will and way you have designed for our Married love. I commit my Marriage to you this day, knowing that if it was left up to me alone, I would mess it all up. So Father I ask you to take over in my Marriage this day, and I submit any loving, intimacy, communication and commitment, be instructed by you through my surrendered heart. Teach me how to model this love daily with my husband/wife. Forgive me if I have neglected the love that he/she has given me and teach me how to see my husband’s/wife’s  heart and intentions the way that you see them, in all that he/she does and says today. Allow my heart to OPEN so wide, that when my wife/husband speaks to me, I will be so in tune with the TRUTH of your word and way for our Marriage that I will obey and surrender my thoughts to you immediately. Marriage is about a selfless service to each other. Teach me how to serve my wife/husband in such a way that is pleasing unto you. I declare that this day,  I will surrender my heart, my soul and do  what is expected of me as a Faithful wife/husband, trusting that my Marriage is growing into the best time that my wife/husband and I could have ever imagined. Ido Thank you for planting the seed of intention to do the right things ALWAYS!  Knowing that the right things in Marriage, hold greater value than anything else. I trust you to change my Marriage into what you desire it to be. I love my Husband/Wife, and know that because my heart is surrendered to the Holy Spirit, that the influence that I possess in my Marriage will transform our marriage longevity for years and decades to come. I stand committed to my covenant vows, and thank you for a surrendered heart to Love, and trust you to show me exactly what my husband/wife needs to make this Marriage work! I ask these and all, blessings….. In Jesus Name, I pray……..Amen



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