110813_1728_Day821days5.jpgOh God, Marriage was your idea! From the first moment in creation, the decision to create MAN was a good thing. In that moment marriage was on your mind. Your decision to create Woman was a good thing. In that moment marriage was on your mind.  TOGETHER this good things would help guide many into the fold of y our kingdom as the example of covenant was extended not only in marital bliss, but in procreation, submission, and biblical leadership called Family. The moment he/she and I spoke the words, “I do” to each other, our love and marriage was set on a path of destiny and greatness.  Father I come before you seeking strength to endure even as your  Genesis 2:24 idea is being questioned, attacked, mocked  and ridiculed as if YOUR word does not matter. Father I realize that my husband/wife and I reside in a fallen world, but I also recognize and believe in the power of prayer and intercession. My heart is heavy for those husband and wives, who are still in the dark as to how important Christ being the center of marriage is to its potential and growth. If there is anyone in or around my husband’s/wife’s life that do not have a relationship with you, I cover them in this prayer. I ask for your instructions as to how we can be a light in the lives of those husbands and wives who do not know you as their Savior. Father, use this prayer as a platform to stand on to transform those seeking a divorce, those men and women who are living in sin, or those who have yet to place you at the forefront of their lives. Marriage is a covenant, and I speak against any evil attempt that wants to contradict what your word says , “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and cleave unto his wife”.  Marriage is a covenant, and together as Husband and Wife I am asking that you  download your POWER into our Marriage. Create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit in us as man & woman. Father show us where we can help, serve and encourage each other in Love for the better building of your kingdom. We continue to reference those 66 Books of the bible whenever we need to VERIFY and FORTIFY the Truth and today we stand IN the truth as Husband & Wife, ‘til DEATH do us part. Marriage is a God thing. We believe that Your POWER in and through us as Man & Woman will transform our Lives, our Home, our Family, our Relationship and our Purpose. We can’t do anything apart from YOU, God,  so we declare that we will do EVERYTHING with you from this day forward. Help us to remember our Vows, to walk in the words, “To love & cherish” to believe in the words, “In sickness and in Health”, and to strive daily to walk in our Forever covenant vows of ‘til DEATH do us part. Teach us how to remember how YOU love us unconditionally so that we can mirror our Love for one another in Marriage unconditionally.  Teach us how to not be RELIGIOUS and to cultivate a RELATIONSHIP with you. We are eager to make your presence known in our Marriage, and to be used as vessels to stand for what Marriage truly means for man and woman, to motivate, train, and build a legacy of character in Marriage that will be represented in and through our family for years and centuries to come. Take the LOVE that we have right now, and rebuild and revive it Father, so that Nations will know that we support Christ, and the marriage  vows that only God can create, and how our love shared as husband and wife, represents an intricate part of the Marriage kingdom movement! In Jesus Name, we pray Amen. ~February 24th, 2014



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