5Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ~ (Proverbs 3:5-6) ~

Father,  thank you for the Faith and the wisdom and the understanding that you give me each day. Today I ask for your forgiveness if there is any sin that I may have committed knowingly or unknowingly. Also if there is any ill-will or ought that I hold against another, I release them and it in Jesus name. Father, I am asking you to clean my heart today, so that this prayer time will be a time where you and I can listen to one another clearly, and I can obey your instructions immediately. Please wash my mind and my mouth clear and free from any impurities or negativity that is preventing me from being the best husband or wife that you created me to be. I Trust You God, and I adore your will for my life and my marriage. I take this moment to give you all the praise and glory that is present in me. Father, as a husband/wife, I am charged to make sure that any decision that I make be in compliance and agreement with my wife/husband. Forgive me if there is anything that I decided in my own decisions, and I did not take into consideration my husband’s/wife’s input. This is an act of disrespect towards my marriage, and a blatant act of non-submission to my husband/wife. Restore order in my marriage this day. No matter where we are in this moment, or what we have done in our own selfish desires, restore order in our married love in this moment. Teach me how to be a humble and obedient wife/husband who allows her/his wife/husband to be in TOTAL agreement with your will and way for our marriage. Allow the decisions that we make TOGETHER as husband and wife, to be those that glorify life, love, truth, humility and integrity. Forgive us if we have made any decision separately that did not include the other person.  This type of inconsistent decision-making, builds a wedge in our married love, where a negative pathology can fester and grow into a path of destruction. Teach us how to not seek our own selfish desires or behaviors, as this cannot receive the blessings and favorable miracles that you intend to add to our marital faith and love as the years of married love grows. Teach me how to speak to my husband/wife, with an added measure of peace and love, without hesitation, truthfully seeking the best will for our lives as husband and wife. Show me ways that I can, include him/her in my daily prayers, whether in person, through a silent whisper or out loud as we sit together in prayer time, at breakfast, or during lunch or dinner. Teach me how to be honest with my husband/wife regarding money obligations, friendships, parenting, and ANY household expenses that we may incur. Show me how to include him/her in every aspect of our Marriage daily. I Trust You. I adore you, and I take this moment Father, to surrender my Marriage, my Trust, and my Path of love,  as a faithful husband/wife to you this day. I ask these and all blessings, in Jesus holy and righteous name I pray, Amen~Vday2



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