~February 17th, 2014~

7For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind~ 2Timothy 1:7

Father God,

Lord, I am grateful. Grateful for the life work that you have chosen for me, and thankful for the calling that you’ve placed on my Marriage. Your grace and mercy have allowed me to see the close of yet another day, and I look ahead towards a new moment this evening to obey your instructions.  I am humbled for all of the correction, revelation, forgiveness, and humble beginnings that you have seen me through in this day, and I continue to give myself, my marriage, my children and my purpose over to you. Keep me on the potter’s wheel and mold me into the man/woman that you destined for my marriage to become as we both groom our covenant vows, together as husband and wife.  I desire an intimate relationship with you God, so that I can have an honest, selfless, horizontal relationship with my husband/wife.  It is very important to me that every step, every move, every decision that I make is in direct vertical alignment with the instructions that you reveal to me daily. Teach me how to rest in you. Teach me how to be transformed in you, teach me how to be corrected by you, and allow my true authenticity to shine through. I love my husband/wife. I desire our Marriage to be all that you created it to be. Show me any area where I need to immediately make corrections, and if I am the only one in my Marriage praying, calm my heart with a peace and patience that surpass all understanding so that I can truly come before you with a pure heart, with direct motives from you.  Father, help me prevent any form of resentment to rise up inside of me, or any selfish desires that attempt to place me on a pedestal and not your godly power.  It is by your grace Father, that our Marriage is saved, and I especially want to lay any husband or wife on the altar of prayer right now that may be struggling with their love, or feeling hopeless where the thoughts of divorce may have risen. Comfort their marriage this evening, and I ask that you command the Angel Armies of protection to surround their Marriages even as this prayer is being spoken. Their hearts, their home and their children remain under your instruction and covering, continue to show Favor in these marriages tonight. Give  each of them comfort this day so that they may rest in you. Give them hope where hope has left, give them peace where peace has gone, and if there is any light left in the Love that they share as Husband & Wife this day, shine it so bright that one, if not the BOTH of them will recognize that you are a God of resurrection love. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power that husbands & wives have in and though them to make the miraculous manifest. I declare Marriages restored this moment in Jesus name. I declare Husbands are coming back home, in Jesus name. I declare Wives are submitting unto their covenant vows this moment Father, and any person contemplating giving UP on their Marriages, are given a second of hope where your light is able to shine in and though their hearts where YOUR love can forgive and soften the hardest of hearts. Cover our Marriages right now with your anointing right now, and keep every husband & wife in a selfless committed state to each and every one of our covenant vow ‘til death do us part. In Jesus Name, ~Amen



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